A ethical underwear guide to what is micro modal fabric definition?

A sustainable underwear UK guide

A ethical underwear guide to what is micro modal fabric definition?

In this article on ethical fashion we look at the fabrics used to produce eco friendly underwear that we are increasingly choosing to wear over conventional mass produced undies.

Micro Modal

Modal is a very luxurious and silky smooth fabric. There really is no contest here in terms of the feel, modal feels amazing and far softer than cotton. You are not compromising comfort you are very much enhancing it by switching to from Cotton as it is also shrink resistant, and unlikely to fade, so your colours stay sharp and bright. And MicroModal takes all this to another next level.

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What is micro modal ?

Micro Modal is known for its amazing softness as well as being sustainable fiber as even more amazingly it is derived from beech trees. The fabric itself is very silky to the touch and feels super light against your skin. The combination of its unparalleled softness and super fit against your body make it a SUPERB choice for men’s and women’s sustainable underwear and is quickly becoming the go to choose for sustainable underwear designers because it also doesn’t fade as easily as many other textiles and holds its shape well , especially when it’s blended with a small amount elastane which is usually the case for ethical underwear .

So in answer to the question what is micro modal its a fantastic eco friendly improvement on cotton and not an alternative. It looks and feels great and holds it’s colour and form longer. It’s not a question of compromise to achieve your personal sustainable goals it is a case of for a few pounds more wearing the best most comfy underwear you probably will own. Give it a try!

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