Check out this fabulous bamboo sustainable underwear from Lucy and Yak

Check out this fabulous bamboo sustainable underwear from Lucy and Yak


ur wonderful bamboo underwear collection has dropped!

Join the comfort movement, right down to your underwear!

We wanted to create super soft, super comfy underwear to help you feel great.

The ‘Thea’ Bra comes in three colours and is the perfect partner for our ‘Ivy’ Briefs. (Sold separately for the perfect fit, and so you can mix OR match!) 

‘Thea’ has a simple, sporty silhouette and a racerback for comfort and freedom of movement – no slipping down straps or fiddly clasps!

We used bamboo viscose which is one of the softest fabrics out there, mixed with 24% organic cotton and 12% elastane for stretch.

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Some of the many amazing properties of bamboo include:

  • naturally and quickly grows without the use of pesticides or fertilisers
  • uses minimal water and space in its growth 
  • bamboo forests absorb more CO2 than any other forests
  • antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities – helps prevent odours and irritation 
  • highly sweat absorbent and moisture wicking (pulls moisture from skin for evaporation)
  • insulating and breathable – keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter
  • requires less dye than other fibres to achieve colour
  • less pilling (‘bobbling’) than cotton
  • one of the softest fabrics available!

And because nothing is perfect even with bamboo sustainable underwear, there are a few downsides:

The best eco friendly , ethical and sustainable swimwear brands in the UK

a chemically intensive process is needed to turn it into yarn

takes longer to dry than other fibres as it holds more water 

it can be less durable than cotton so works best in fabric mixes

check-out-this-fabulous bamboo sustainable underwear from-luck-and-yak

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