How to do the Crochet Puff Stitch

How to do the Crochet Puff Stitch

Crochet Puff Stitch

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1 / 11 Work the Puff!

This crochet technique can be used to create double-sided bobbles that are bulky and beautifully fluffy.

You can use these fabulous crochet stitches to work a row of puff stitches into other stitches, or crochet rows of the stitch to make a puffed fabric.

As this many stitches nailing technique to get the tension correct will and does take practice but if you think of this stitch as a spin on the classic half double crochet stitch but instead of finishing off you just add more loops, resulting to get the “puff”.

Once you get the core technique right you can move on to some of the fun variations of this crochet technique which are usually based on the number of loops.

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2 of 11 – The Starting Chain

Make sure you use a yarn that is not likely to start splitting and make a starting chain in a multiple of two stitches plus four. 

3 of 11 – Fourth Chain Hook

Now wrap the yarn over the hook and insert the hook into the fourth chain from the hook.  Then, yarn over again and draw up a loop.

You should have three loops on your hook which is the start of a half double crochet stitch but don’t start drawing the yarn through the loops just yet. Instead continue on with the next step.

crochet puff stitch

4 of 11 Yarn Over then Draw up a Loop

 Now do a yarn over while inserting your hook through the same chain stitch, yarn over, and then draw up another loop. You should have now five loops on the hook.

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5 of 11 Draw Up More Puff Stitch Loops

Now repeat the previous step until you have sufficient loops on your hook taking care to follow the instructions for the pattern you’re using.

6 of 11 Now Yarn Through All the Loops

When you have the amount of loops you want on the hook, it’s now time to yarn over and draw it through all the loops which can be tricky as every other loop will be smaller than the rest.

Now draw the hook through to avoid pulling the loops to complete it.

7 of 11 – Secure the Puff!

With the loop pulled through this will now make a single chain. This help secures the stith and keeps it upright giving you the space to work into on the next row.

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Crochet Puff Stitch difference to Bubble and Popcorn stitches

8 of 11 – Puff Stitch Across the Row

When working across a row you can skip one chain and work another one into the next one.

9 of 11 – Do a Turning Chain

Once you’ve finished a row, rotate your piece and make a turning chain of three chain stitches.

10 of 11 – Puff Stitches in spaces from previous row

Now start your next one in the chain one space from the previous row. and follow the same steps for the stitch across the row but instead of skipping chains you are going to work one into each space along the row.

11 of 11 – Add Rows to go staggered

The stitches should look staggered with a small lean going in opposite directions for each row.

Now you should be ready to try the crochet puff stitch on a crochet project!

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