If you like Literot you’ll love these women’s erotica and erotic stories

If you like Literot you’ll love these women’s erotica and erotic stories

Fantasies without doubt can be your best sexual experiences because your limit is literotically (see what we did there…) your imagination.

When your adult imagination clears out as it does for all of us at times, this can help you light the fires of your female erotica minded spirit. Female erotic fantasy, erotica and art in general is meant to arouse female erotica side of your sexual desire, and it can give you some sexy fiction ideas for real life bathroom, bedroom(!) en-action or even just be fun and sexy reading when you are in the right mood.

The big sex question: Is swimming pool sex safe?

With the help of women’s erotica in general you can turn your below above or variedly average sex life into a mind-blowing level.

Erotic stories are like sex on a big stick for your erotic mind. Yep, just think about that for a few seconds…

Literot will stimulate the sexy sensual organ in your body i.e. your mind.

So we these slightly naughty thoughts in mind we’ve stepped away from the world of literotica and got some chose recommendations for you


So, go ahead, get under the covers and get warm and fire up your kindle as we’ve got some recommendations to make and there’s some great erotic story reading to be done.

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Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 4 

The title’s a giveaway…

Erotic Teasers (A Cleis Anthology)

You literot tease, you…

Anything for You: Erotica for Kinky Couples

What a great idea! We might have to write an article just about this book….

Way Inside… 40 Stories of Forbidden Encounters

If it’s variety you want….

Is That Necessary, Doctor? (20 Stories)

Stop it, doctor. Strangely full of quite a lot of working knowledge of hospitals. So an added educational plus, if that’s a thing…

Sticky Fingers: 12 Deliciously Twisted Short Stories

Great literot name. And an even better erotic stories for women book!

Conversion Therapy Erotcia Book: Explicit Erotica Story, Book 2

You’ll be converted…

If You Like Womens Erotica You'll Love sites like Literotica & Lush Stories

The Red: An Erotic Fantasy

For lovers of art….galleries…

Dirty Headlines

Bordering on romance fiction. Very smutty…

Hypnotic Seduction: (Literotica with Doctor Sex, Hidden Spy Cam, Hypnosis Sex, Erotic Mind Control Story, Descriptions Better than a Porno Video

Hypnotic literotica? Genius…

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