Kiniki – UK made

Kiniki – UK made

What is it right now with this country right now and the amazing swimwear UK brands emerging everywhere!

Right under our eyes I guess for a while is Kiniki who manufacture in Staffordshire including a great range of tan through swimsuits.

Who knew!

Kiniki Sustainable Swimwear UK made

Made In England
• Lined Gusset
• Patented Transol® Tan Through Fabric.
• Super Quick Drying (3X Faster than normal swimwear)
• Crease Resistant Fabric, Perfect For Travelling Without The Need To Iron.
• Incredibly lightweight, perfect for travelling & packing
• Print Placement May Vary From Image Shown


100%Transol Tan Through Fabric

Transol fabric, better known as ‘Tan Through’ is an exclusive, patented material, developed by Kiniki to allow the suns tanning rays to pass through it, helping you achieve that all over golden glow and minimise tan lines.

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Kiniki Sustainable Swimwear UK made

Tucked away in the heart of Staffordshire, England, Kiniki have been creating underwear & swimwear here for over 40 years. Yes, really!

Kiniki don’t supply stores, and that’s why most people haven’t heard of them. But you can order online at great prices too. So now you can get the best of British underwear & swimwear quickly and at a superb prices

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