Lush stories search alternatives full of free erotic stories & lit erotica

Lush stories search alternatives full of free erotic stories & lit erotica

Lush Stories lushstories free erotic stories lit erotica

We’ve put together a list of female erotica and general adult fiction sites that give you an alternative to your normal web crawl.

Many of these sites are featured in mainstream sites like Cosmopolitan and Refinery29 (and us SuperBulky! and are becoming increasingly popular as people seek a softer more sensual experience and sexy tales fill that gap.

1 – Literotica – The Original Women’s Erotica Site

Literotica is the mother / daddy / original titan of them all so if you haven’t been there yet you definitely need to check them out. Literotica was first read in 1998 and is one of the original sites on the web and probably the largest ones. But we’re not experts.

Honest… A very large portion of their users are women and there is a massive variety of sexy fiction for women to meet all tastes.

2 – Dipsea – Literot audio!

We hear (Super Bulky Editor: groan…) these are new folks on the block!. Dipsea are a audio erotica app and they do all of their stuff in-house.


3 – MyErotica

MyErotica is a much smaller indy run and curated women’s lit erotica site on Medium so it’s a perfect free erotic stories territory. There’s at least one new story a day so if you want something new and coming into your inbox

Myerotica erotic stories for women's erotica
Lush Stories alternatives

4 – Bellesa – Women-centric erotica

If you’re looking a women’s version of YouPorn, then it’s Bellesa as it focusses more on the women’s pleasurable experience. We’re surprised it’s taken this long! They have a wide collection of women’s erotica, if that’s your thing.., and it probably is

Of course you could always stick with Lush Stories but if you’re into free erotic stories then, as they say, variety is the spice of life

5 – Lidida

Libida is a sex toy shop, with the added bonus of free erotica. Result! Next time you go on to search for lube and/or a new vibrator, here you’ll get a free erotic stories for women thrown in

Libida lush stories free erotic stories lit erotica

If you like Literot you'll love these women's erotica and erotic stories

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