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Next Gen Travel: Why we’re in Love with Lviv

Next Gen Travel: Why we’re in Love with Lviv

Next Gen Travel in love with lviv

The Ukrainian city of Lviv (Lvov) is 50 miles from the border with Poland and traces of its Polish and Austro-Hungarian heritage are evident in its architecture, which blends Central and Eastern European styles with those of Italy and Germany and let us tell you it’s a beauty!

Lviv is known as the “Little Paris of Ukraine” for good reason. It has excellently preserved Gothic and Renaissance architecture, and boasts many of the country’s brightest and best museums, art galleries, and theatres.

Lvivians may have the reputation as church-goers, they haven’t forgotten how to party for sure.

Fun often themed pubs, clubs, restaurants and coffee houses are every where in the old town and it’s usually a local who’s bringing the celebration into the early morning hours.

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Lviv shouldn’t be thought of as a cheaper Prague or Budapest, Lviv is a great destination in it’s own right.

Go now while it’s still a secret gem and even try to get their by train via a stop off in Warsaw or Vienna to make it that bit more sustainable.

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