Pool sex stories from actual people who have done the deed

What people say about Pool Sex

Watery pool sex stories from actual people who have done the deed

Let’s dive in….

What people say about Pool Sex
What people say about water bit being done, here….

Having intercourse in a swimming area, beach, bathtub or Jacuzzi is a popular fantasy.

Let’s face it, when you’re already naked it’s kind of natural that thoughts might stray. But how does the water beast of two back reality compare?

Here, courtesy of our friends at Reddit are some excerpts from brave people who’ve tried and tested sex in the water to share their stories…


“Am I the only one for whom it is an issue that the natural lubricant washes off under water?”

“only awesome if your a guy – for a girl its like a chlorinated douche”

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“feels horrible. I hate to think of what water and weird shit is getting all up in me. Eurgh.”

Yep, we did think about that too…


“My job involves the daily maintenance of 4 indoor and 7 outdoor pools, as well as six large hot tubs. I would like to share this information with you:

  • A properly maintained pool will have nearly zero risk of infection. Someone with a bad virus could be bleeding five feet from you, and you should be fine. You could swim in a properly maintained pool with several large gaping wounds and drink as much as you can, and come away just fine. A properly maintained pool will have NO smell; even an indoor pool should have very little, if any, smell.
  • “Free Chlorine”, aka chlorine that is ready and waiting to do its job, has no smell unless it is in very large concentrations, far beyond what would ever be found in a pool.
  • Smell, itchiness, rashes, eye irritation, and other such things are caused by “Combined Chlorine” aka chlorine that has done its job (kill bacteria) and is now “used”. If there is a sufficient amount in the water, it causes itches, rashes, eye irritation, etc. It also off-gasses into the air, causing the smell.
  • Clean pool water should not harm an open vagina. It may even make it a bit cleaner.
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  • Pool sex or hot tub is fun, as long as you can maintain the lubrication. You will need something oil-based, obviously. Do NOT use vaseline in a pool! Even a small amount creates an awful mess that is very difficult to clean up.
  • If one of you can hold your breath for a decent time (and keep a good mouth-to-parts seal), underwater oral sex is good too.”

OK, that’s kind of an improvement…

What people say about Pool Sex
Ok they are now actually doing bits, but still you’re feeling it…


 “I thought it was awesome! It’s like doing it in public, you have to strive for quickie mode, so he shouldn’t get off for a few days before. The sensation of moving from hot to cold is amazing for both sides. And the water pushes on the girl’s clit kinda like the tub faucet effect, or handheld shower head ,but more gently and an all over focused stream. I strongly suggest the pool over the spa for water sex…”

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“The only time I’ve had pool sex was fantastic. The muscles in my arms were killing me from holding on to the edge, but it was entirely worth it. Pool water isn’t fantastic to have in you, but when the urge for sex is there, it’s bearable.”

So there you go, conclusively people have varying opinions on the joys of Pool Sex for sure!

What do you think?

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