The best beginners guides to the crochet crocodile stitch

The best beginners guides to the crochet crocodile stitch

You can learn how to work this excellent technique using many video and photo tutorials.  This technique is also known as the scale stitch, this crochet stitch is absolutely gorgeous and can help turn your entire crochet project into something of an art piece. 

More flamboyant crochet patterns help bring a bit of sophistication to your style as it’s a very modern, yet chic stitch.

If you’re having trouble on how to work this amazing scale stitch, watch and learn from either of the excellent video tutorials below on how to master this technique.

crochet kingdom crocodile stitch

How to do the Crocodile Stitch

  1. Start with a simple slip knot, then chain multiples of 5 + 1. (Of course, The amount of chains is decided by project type, so your project might specify something very different)
  2. Turn and work in the back loops, double crochet in 2nd chain from hook. Chain 1, *slip knot 2 chain, 2 dc into next slip stitch*. Rep from * to * across row. – crocodile scales will now be made over the double set of stitches, not the lone double crochet, one post at a time.
  3. Turn, single crochet at the base working around back of the first post (not both of the posts, just the first one), five double crochet around the same post. Your stitches will stack on top of each other.
  4. Now rotate your work to go back up the other side and to finish your scale – working around the second postnext to the one you were just working with, front-post double-crochet stitch from the bottom of the stitch up to the top and work in five double crochet. That’s one scale completed.
  5. Now single crochet into the top of the single post next to the set of two you’ve been working with to hold everything you have done in place and then work across the row.
  6. Once you have completed your row of scales, you will need to set up another foundation row before you begin your next set of scales: chain 1 at the end of your scale row, turn, single crochet into the base of the ch you just made. single crochet into the middle of the scale, 2 double crochet into the top chain in between scales. Continue across row in that way, watching what’s on the front.
  7. When you reached the end of the row, chain 1, then turn and work across, making scales. 
  8. Continue working the pattern, alternating between foundation rows and scale rows as shown. 
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Top Crocodile Stitch Patterns

You will enjoy adding the crocodile crochet stitch to any type of project you want to give it that fluffed edge. New crochet stitches like this one are great fun to learn and watching some of excellent crochet video tutorials out there is a great way to learn and practice a new stitch.

If you find yourself confused by one of the crochet how to tutorials try another crochet method or some step-by-step photos. Just keep going! 🙂

Certain stitches, like the crocodile stitch, can seem to be more confusing than they actually are.

Just keep practicing and check out these great tutorials for further information. 

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