The best female erotica on amazon

The best female erotica on amazon

The days of reading fifty shades of grey hardcover on the tube seem like a dreamy past. Now it’s all about the kindle for that sneaky ready so we’ve compiled a list or womens’s erotica available on amazon that will entice you for your next short erotic story

The best women's erotic stories female erotica on amazon

Disgrace: An erotic BDSM contemporary romance series

It’s certainly a disgrace if you don’t at least read the reader reviews, isn’t it…


And there’s an audio book, wowzer, we should look. It’s rude not too…

Grace: BDSMerotica: A explicit sexy dark erotic romance nove

What a great keyword loaded name. Mills & Boom eat your heart out1

Erotic literot and women's literot ica

Stately Pleasures

It’s no surprise female erotica would go a bit Downton…

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