The best free baby knitting patterns uk list

The best free baby knitting patterns uk list

In this article we look at where are the best places to help you create irresistibly soft knitwear stores who have stunningly collection of patterns for you to consider

Laughing Hens

The story of Laughing Hens begins with a knitting group run by designer Nicki Trench on her Suffolk based farm where chickens roamed. The group desperately yearned for somewhere that they could find high quality natural fibres, and taking the initiative, Nicki set to solving this quandary through the creation of her own company. When it came to naming the company, the tapping of knitting needles and chatter of the group was likened to the noise of the hens merrily ‘laughing’ away, as so the name Laughing Hens was born.

Lovecrafts are a great resource for free baby knitting patterns

Garn Studio

With over 30 years in knitting and crochet design, DROPS Design offers one of the most extensive collections of free patterns on the internet – translated to 17 languages.

Love Crafts

Motivated by one simple goal: to build a community that would support and unite makers worldwide — a home where they can be inspired, connect, share and create.


Deramores are a dynamic and forward thinking provider, who were founded in the summer of 2010 and as the first online retailer selling knitting and crochet supplies, we quickly rose to become one of the largest in the industry, going on to win a number of industry awards in recognition of our dedication to our customers and the craft.

The best knitting kits uk for adults

Some of these are beautiful wool-acrylic blends giving you the perfect place to start to any project

best free baby knitting patterns uk

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