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The www search alternatives to rock your erotic story life

The www search alternatives to rock your erotic story life

We’ve put together a list of women’s erotica and erotica stories for women websites that give you an alternative to your normal web trawl.

Many of these sites are featured in mainstream sites (like Super Bulky) and are becoming increasingly popular as search alternatives and becoming first time destinations as well as the wealth of erotic stories available on Amazon so, as they say, variety is the spice of the internet life! search alternatives will rock your erotic world - Girl on the Net

1. Literotica – The Original Women’s Erotica Site

Literotica is the mother / daddy / original titan of them all so if you haven’t been there yet you definitely need to check them out. Literotica was first read in 1998 and is one of the original women’s erotica sites on the web and probably the largest ones. But we’re not experts. Honest… A very large portion of their users are women and there is a massive variety of erotic stories for women to meet all tastes. 

2. Dipsea – Can we say Literotica audio!

We hear (Super Bulky Editor: groan…) these are new folks on the block!. Dipsea are a audio erotica app and they do all of their stuff in-house.

3. MyErotica – Support indy erotic writers

MyErotica is a much smaller indy run and curated women’s erotica site on Medium so it’s a perfect www search territory. There’s at least one new story a day so if you want something new and coming into your inbox (Super Bulky editor’s note: terrible…), this is the one to come to… (Super Bulky editor’s note: I quite like this one!)

4. Bellesa – Women-centric erotica

If you’re looking a women’s version of PornHub, then it’s Bellesa. They have a wide collection of women’s erotica, if that’s your thing.., and it probably is

Look we know it’s a bit cheeky but www search alternatives do often reveal surprisingly pleasing results so we hope you enjoy checking them out.

Top 10 Erotic stories for women erotica sites that will make you DROOL

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