Thinx underwear the period-proof underwear

Thinx underwear the period-proof underwear

Stop sacrificing your undies to leaks and stains — try period-proof undies which are super-absorbent, odor-fighting, moisture-wicking, and leak-resistant. Leak-Resistant. Rinse & Reuse. Try Them Risk Free. Moisture-Wicking.

Eco-friendly undies really should be your first point of call for anyone thinking about building a more eco-friendly wardrobe which is better for the environment.

Luckily there are many fashion brands which have put caring for their workers, transparency on their supply chain, using fabrics that are better for the environment at the heart of their brand values and we at Super Bulky will try and profile each and every one!

Thinx underwear

Please click on the link to see our full guide to the hottest and best ethical lingerie

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