Just what is amigurumi and what does it mean?

The term originates from Japanese and is a reference to the artistic technique of crocheting and knitting stuffed animals, people and other objects.

The first part of the word means knit OR crochet (yes, both in Japanese…that’s a first!) and the second part of the word means stuffed doll or toy. So far, so straight forward….

In essense it means my “knit or crocheted stuffed toy buddy!”

So just as we know from our knitting clubs this is just the same, it’s the japanese the art of making new (little) friends.

What is amigurumi?
And this thing is..!?!

Most of these little bad boys are crocheted more than knitted as crochet as more dense, as a fabric and so much more suited to covering objects

Easy and free crochet patterns uk for beginners from instagram

And the patterns can look challenging but for most at least you only need one stitch!

So what’s to stop you! So now’s a time to stop asking what is amigurumi, start doing it and hopefully start making new friends, mon Ami!

And the good news is that your starter project will be small, very small. And that means cheap

Sorry, we just couldn’t help that. I’m sure you’re not in stitches…

What do you think?

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Our favourite Amigurumi crochet patterns

Our favourite Amigurumi crochet patterns