When will Lovehoney add the revolutionary new Ose to their sex toys range

When will Lovehoney add the revolutionary new Ose to their sex toys range

You may not have heard about this the adult yet but it received an award at CES the computer innovation exhibition then lost it then won it back again and it’s coming to these shores soon.

The device sparked a debate about engrained gender bias in the tech world.

But it was also about what can – and cannot and can again in this case – be exhibited at the western world’s biggest tech trade show. But we won’t go into that now…

When will lovehoney add the revolutionary new Ose to their sex toys range adult
The OSE Coming to the Lovehoney Sex Toys range soon..?

What’s important is after all the faff the device is finally available for pre-order.

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If you don’t know what it is it is a external and internal massaging device offering what have been called “blended orgasms,” that stimulates a person inside and outside their body at the same time.

The world has Lora Haddock for inventing this after experiencing one for the first time, she quit medical school to build a device that could make them.

Well, everyone’s got a dream…

Lora then absorbed all the modern research on how women’s pleasure is derived, rather than often out-dated assumptions and that led to the realisation conclude that there were no adult devices on the market that offered a “blended orgasm”.

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So Lora tracked down a robotics expert to help build one.

“I went to Oregon State [University] to meet with Dr. John Parmigiani,” the university’s associate professor of mechanical engineering. “Nine months later, we had a prototype,”

By the end of 2018 with the OSE prototype in hand (Editors note: Poor…) applied to display at the CES 2019 exhibition and the innovation awards which was initially accepted and even won an award in the Robotics and Drone category,

When will lovehoney add the revolutionary new Ose to their sex toys range

Which is pretty massive…

But a month later, organisers backtracked and said that the device would not receive the award, or be allowed to exhibit at the show as an example of how mainstream tech world has a love love hate deny relationship with the sextech industry, especially when it comes down to innovation.

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Anyway, to cut a long story short which in itself is quite fascinating – but we know you’re only here to find out when Lovehoney will add it to their sex toys range – the CES backtracked on the backtrack and the award was re-instated so well done to the team and 12 months later that award winning prototype is now a finished product.

“We’ve finally gotten through the re-engineering, end-user testing, and had some very emphatic feedback from users,” – Lora Haddock.

Pre-orders for the Ose open to the masses in December 2019 costing £250 approx, so less than your boyfriends X-Box and will start shipping in January to bring a lot of blended fun to those cold winter months for the lucky few.

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If that ticket price puts you off we predict this device will go mass by the end of 2020 with mainstream online specialists like Lovehoney and Ann Summers who lead the UK sex toys market will be keen to stock it


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