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Erotic literot and women’s erotica

Erotic stories for women - A overdue women's erotica sexual literotica renaissance

Erotic literot and women’s erotica

We are all too familiar with the scenario: dozens of half-read sexy fiction on our Kindle app, or surfing the internet for countless hours, hoping to find that one perfect story that not only appeals to our fantasies, but does not debase womanhood. 

This owes to the fact that the bulk of mainstream erotic literature was not created with a female target audience in mind, hence they subconsciously, and many times, even blatantly enforce psychosexual codes of female passivity and male aggressiveness. And that’s why the literotica market is booming with its focus on female sexuality.

So with this in mind we’ve put together a great series of articles covering erotic stories for women

The best first time literotica adult women's erotica alternatives

Here’s also a list of women’s erotica

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