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Zaddy meaning literally these guys

Zaddy meaning literally these guys

OK, first off this is a new reference to a guy who’s attractive and fashionable, with swag and sex appeal. Used in a sentence, you might say, “Did you see that guy at the mall? He was a total z…..

But a picture says a thousands words, right so we thought we’d put together what we are calling our zaddies meaning literally these guys list.

So here goes, and if you’re still confused at the end then there’s really nothing much more we can do…

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is the Zladinator to end all zaddies. The Man

Idris Elba

Elba is a sensational actor slash DJ slash ring fighter slash chilli wing eater and can put his hand to anything. If Tom Hardy is the zaddio to end all zaddies then simply Idris is also definitive Z man….


Michael Fassbender

If Tom is the end all and Idris is the definitive then Fassbender is the original Z.

Dominic Cooper

The new zadiator on the block? A tiny stylish man with devilish good looks and acting skills?

Chwitel ejiofor

Is Chwitel coming in at the sides with the new zad city swing? Watch your backs zaddie gang in town

So now please tell us you know the zaddy meaning what period of your life is over. Zeee case is closed…

What do you think?

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