Eco-friendly sustainable veja trainers for actual running in

Eco-friendly sustainable veja trainers for actual running in

These are an excellent sneaker and sustainable sneaker brand to start your casual eco-friendly journey (see what we did there…) Made in Brazil for an ethical transparent and eco-friendly materials and process this fabulous sustainable footwear brand is building and leading the market for more ethical footwear that can compete with the big brands at a global level.

Go run with these excellent sustainable eco-friendly Veja trainers tie up with Rick Owens

So now with the eco-friendly veja trainers brand moving increasingly into the sports category you can run fast and be sustainable. How cool is that. We can’t wait to run in them.

Your new ethical leopard print coat

About the brand

5 years on – The world understands that social issues and environmental crisis are now matters of urgency.

Day after day, prophets of all kind are pulling the emergency cord, the entire economy is turning green and sustainable-developementising speeches are spreading around.

Actions remain scarce but words abound.

Beyond movies about the environment, beyond multinational companies building green windows to hide disasters, beyond the Copenhagen speeches filled with words and political promise….


And despite this green-fronted economy, let’s try to offer a different vision which combines fair trade and ecology and links together economy, social initiatives and the environment.

Floripawear just made the best women’s ethical underwear

A vision that proposes cultural change.


What do you think?

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