Top 10 Erotic stories for women erotica sites that will make you DROOL

erotic stories for women erotica

Top 10 Erotic stories for women erotica sites that will make you DROOL

Whether you like watching porn or not, if you like reading erotica, you may have heard of Literotica for sure! While a lot of people think erotic literature begins and ends with this name, there is so much more out there that you are not even aware of. According to a research, a lot of women like reading erotica. In fact, most of the websites out there have ng>erotic stories for women. Such stories are written keeping in mind the kind of fantasies and desires women have and hence, they attract the female crowd all the very more.

So what kinds of websites are there on the internet to make you feel way better than you do watching porn?

Women’s erotica is not a new thing at all; there are websites older than 10 years and have the most satisfying stories not only for women, but also for the other gender. Those who like reading would always prefer erotica over watching porn. 

Gone are the days when people thought reading erotica was a thing men did, now is the time when most of the women are seen on such websites.

So what are the names of some of the best websites that have some of the best erotica content for women?

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erotic stories for women erotica

Here is a list you are going to thank us for:

  1. LushStories: With more than 43,000 stories, this name knows how to lure your mind and get you addicted to erotica. Some of the best stories we read are right here on this website and we are sure you are going to love them to. There are categories that make the search easier for the readers.
  2. This is our personal favorite because it is simple and easy to navigate. If you want to read a story on a specific subject, there are categories. Reading the names of the categories itself is a very enticing thing. Therefore, more and more people hop on this website when they want to read some of the best stories in the field of erotic literature. If you have not checked this website yet, ensure to check it right now so that you know there is amazing stuff on the internet and it can be accessed within a few clicks!
  3. True Dirty Stories: Thousands of stories on LGBT are submitted right here on this website. If you are a lesbian, gay, bisexual, etc., this is the name that needs to be right at the tips of your fingers. The good thing about the stories is that they are true… how does that sound? 
  4. FetStories: One of the safest websites you’d ever land on – FetStories is a new, yet classy website. Even though it is quite a new baby in the field, hundreds of erotic stories have already been submitted here. If you don’t trust our words, maybe the words on this website are going to do the job for you. If you want to surrender to your fingers tonight, this is the website your soul is craving for. You are going to love reading and doing dirty things to yourself because the content here holds the power of seduction. So who is ready for some challenge? 
  5. BDSM Café: C’mon now admit it – we all love 50 Shades of Gray! Also – we remember reading comments like reading the books is way better than watching the movies created on these books. If you are a fan of BDSM, then this virtual café is where you need to be at, right now. All kinds of fetish and fantasies you have in your head are poured down on your screen right on this website. If you like what you read, come back to thank us to have recommended this website here!
  6. Adult-FanFiction: Have you ever imagined kissing… and doing a lot more things… to the actor of your choice? If yes, this is the most perfect website for you. It has some of the best fan fiction stories that make you feel like you are actually doing the things you had only been imagining in your head and that too with your favorite celebrity. The collection on this website is huge and thus, finding a story related to your favorite star is no big deal at all. The plots of erotica on this website give you all the ideas of how to write your very own adult fan fiction stories. 
  7. The Erotic Woman: If the delicious words on this erotic stories for women website are not enough for you, there is a whole gallery of sizzling pictures for you to see and enjoy. The moment you are bored of reading, or you wish to take a break so that you are encouraged to read more, you can get to the gallery section, scroll through the pictures and the wild woman in you is going to send you back to where you came from – reading the erotic stories. This website knows what kind of content is needed to keep you on it for a long period of time. 
  8. Clitical: From female masturbation tips to awesome product reviews, this website has got everything your heart desires to know related to self-stimulation. That’s not all – the kind of erotic stories it has are quite different because all of them revolve around female masturbation. You enjoy reading them even while you are doing it to yourself. It is also like a guide for those women who want to bring some fun into their lives. If you are tired of using the same old ways to masturbate, this website and its content help you in shedding off the old ways and bring action. 
  9. Libida: This website is known for the kind of kinky sex toys it has for women, but what makes you stick to it is the creative content here. What do you think erotica is about? Just the main play? Not really – this website stands out of all the others because it has amazing plot-driven erotica for all those who like reading sex stories with some meaning. There is a plot, a few characters and situations that glue you to the stories. What more can you ask for from an erotica website? Well, you can also buy the bad toys if you like!
  10. Nerve: You think Nerve is all about pop culture information? Guess again! The moment you get on this website, look for the collection of erotic stories for women they have and you are going to go GAGA over the same. There is so much to read that you don’t understand what to read and what to procrastinate for future. The best part is the excerpt from the novel of Pamela Anderson. When you read what she has written, it is a massage to your tired, desperate and dirty brain.
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So make sure the moment you get some time for yourself, just get on one of the above mentioned erotic stories for women websites and quench your thirst to read the stories you really want to.

If you like the collection of erotica filled websites here, make sure you share it with your girlfriends to put a smile on their faces too! 

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