The search for the fully sustainable push up backless bra has started…

sustainable backless bra

The search for the sustainable strapless push up backless bra has started

Maybe out of all clothing or at least ethical underwear this is the most difficult to find an eco-friendly or at least ethical product. By the sheer nature of what is required you’re talking chemical processes and products from day 1. And we’re not being critical here at all. Rome was not built in a day, Oh no…

More sustainable strapless bra 1

And that’s why designing and building a product that has hold gives shape and has a cool look and feel and brand values to make you want to purchase it means this is almost an elusive product who’s time has surely is coming as growing eco awareness continues. The past is the past and the future is the future and some day so very soon someone is going to crack it and until then we are going to try the companies and fashion designers attempting to build that most elusive eco-friendly beast, the sustainable strapless pushup.

Azura Bay's recycled lace ethical underwear collection
Sustainable backless bra

One such company that appears to be attempting it with their Eco-Chic is Kissbobo in China with it’s use of Natural Latex and essential natural oils in the adhesive

‘Eco-Chic’ Strapless Adhesive Invisible Backless Bra from Kissbobo

More sustainable strapless bra 2


  1. Outer Material 80% Cotton Fibre, 20% Spandex
  2. Inner Material 100% Natural latex*
  3. KISSBOBO patent Biological Adhesive
  • KISSBOBO’s patent-awarding design: Eco-Chic design is conceived and realized for addressing the challenges in modern strapless bra industry (the trustworthy adhesiveness).
  • Natural Essential Oils [ Freshly Scented ] [ Skin-friendly ] [ Heat Expelling ] The KISSBOBO premium natural essential oils subtracted from several plants are added to the medical -grade bio-adhesive layer for creating a pleasant fragrance
  • as a skin-friendly cream or lotion ,safely attaching to the breasts & nipples, allowing your breasts a free reign in SPA while eliminating bacteria and reducing excessive sweating
  • The sophisticated ‘Eco-Chic’ strapless backless bra offers you an ideal invisible support & comfy fit for wearing with many Stylishly Cut daily outfits, occasional attires or elegant dancing styles!
The Elvis & Kresse Tote Bag made from reclaimed firehose and parachute silk

More sustainable strapless bra size chart

KISSBOBO Push up & Cleavage

The KISSBOBO strapless Bras are sophisticatedly designed and made to provide secured, comfy, healthy invisible support for completing the stylishly -cut daily outfits or occasional/formal attires. All KISSBOBO Strapless can provide an ideal push-up & an appealing cleavage for East-West, Round, Side-Set breasts; As to the special types of breasts- Slender, Teardrop, Bell-Shape, Asymmetrical, the KISSBOBO Strapless Bras can provide only a sexy cleavage but not a push-up effect.

The search for the full sustainable strapless, backless bra has started….

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