The best sustainable swimwear UK brands

Right now there’s a massive boom in eco friendly and ethical swimsuit and bikini designers bursting out of the uk.

Super Bulky loves all of them!

The problem is they can as many are relatively new be hard to find so please find below our best eco friendly, ethical and all round best brands


Swimsuit is just what you need this summer. Created for maximum comfort and style in the water, with secure open back design, offset side seams and low profile flatlock stitching.

Made using ECONYL® recycled yarn, from sources including disused fishing nets.


Please note: Floripawear is part of the same family as Super Bulky! That said we just had to include Floripawear’s ethical swimsuit collection as it’s super sexy and made out of the eco friendly ECONYL fabric which uses reclaimed plastic from landfills and seas

Lilliput and Felix

Lilliput and Felix are a great UK based swimsuit brand and create fun silhouettes in bold prints and colours.

Davy J

Devon-based Davy J use 100% regenerated nylon yarn from waste including spent and ghost fishing nets. Their swimsuits are super high quality but wen they do reach the end of their life, you’re encouraged to return them so the brand can recycle them.


If you’re looking for luxury ethical swimsuits that’s UK based then ToDiveFor is a go to sustainable brand
Ode and Rae Sustainable Swimwear UK


Tidal are a London based ethical and sustainable swimwear UK brand making superb swimsuits

Stay Wild Swim 

Made by Zanna Van Dijk and Natalie Glaze, Stay Wild Swim swimsuits and bikins are made from ECONYL® reclaimed from landfill and oceans.READTHINX Review: Do period panties Work or Is It All Hype?


Marble are based in the UK and vet every single element of our production to ensure that it’s environmentally conscious. From the fabrics used to make their eco friendly bikinis and swimsuits, the material it is packaged in, through to the methods used to deliver it to you – Marble are committed to ensure that every decision made is done with the planet at the forefront of our minds.

Ode and Rae

Ode and Rae make fantastic eco friendly swimsuits and bikinis using Eco Nyl