The big sex question: Is swimming pool sex safe?

swimming pool sex is tempting - but pool sex comes with some unexpected dangers

The big sex question: Is swimming pool sex safe?

swimming pool sex is tempting - but pool sex comes with some unexpected dangers
in the water is tempting – but doing bits in the tub comes with some unexpected dangers

When it comes to holiday high jinks and kinks especially for our younger readers, as this article from Glamour sums up, it’s hard not to think about having intercourse in water If it’s boiling as it is now in summer in Europe it’s kind of got a lot of positives to do it in a nice cool place, hopefully out of site of the maintenance guy (or not!) having intercourse in the water is without doubt, naughty, sensual, refreshing and fun, but from a physical or health standpoint, it might not be the best idea and there are some genuine health risks you should consider before.

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So here are the seven facts to think about before you take things from jumping in naked for that cool look how liberated I am holiday insta photo to doing bits.

1. It Can play games with the balance of your Vagina’s pH

Unfortunately, part due to chlorinated water can unbalance off that proper pH balance, leaving you wide open for a variety of infections especially if you are prone to UTIs

This is not swimming pool sex in water, its a ball in the water. And still fun…

2. It Can Increase Your Chances Of Contracting An STI

This one we always know. but do not get confused, water is not a lubricant. While there are water-based lubricants, on its own water is nota lubricant and can cause more damage than you might think due to the heat of the moment stuff and any micro tea in the vaginal skin can lead to increased risk of an STD

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via GIPHY This man got the memo….

3. Chlorine: Not your Vagina’s friend

Take a moment to think about the strong smell of chlorine. That’s a chemical and they are throwing it into a lot of holiday resort bathing ponds and this chlorine is not safe for the vaginal environment.

4. In The Water Isn’t Contraception

Some people believe water is a form of contraceptive and it’s really should be considered this at all. Although having intercourse in the water doesn’t increase your chances of getting pregnant, it certainly isn’t a safe contraceptive If you want to avoid an unwanted holiday pregnancy, water play isn’t the answer. Condoms are.

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6. Swimming Pool Sex Might Not Feel As Good As You Think…honest!

Look, we don’t want to be prudes. But with all that chlorine going on that doesn’t like your vagina, the potential micro tears that come with doing bits in water, as opposed to using a proper lubricant, you might actually, really, truly find you’re not even enjoying yourself as much as imagined. If you do it too long, and ignore the discomfort, you may not just physically damage your vagina, but really hurt yourself, too. You’ll have a good hols story, but also a sore vagina.

7. It Makes For Better Foreplay

So in summary you should probably avoid bodies of water and go for a shower instead when it comes to intercourse in or near water.

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Although in water adult fun should and does have elements of holiday and sexual adventure, that adventure should be more of a controlled excursion and should not come at the cost of your sexual health. Even if you’re still keen on having swimming pool sex and we do get that – at least now you know what you can expect and prepare wisely, right!

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