The best ethical organic cotton underwear women’s wear

The best sustainable fashion brands

The best ethical organic cotton underwear women’s wear

What we wear underneath is the first thing we put on and gets us up and prepared for the big day ahead.

Before we only considered comfort, price, fit and well…sexiness and most of ous had no idea about the process involved and what was and was not an organic product or had (or sadly had not) ethical sourcing processes with transparency

Well those days are increasingly behind us!

There is now a multitude of eco-friendly undie brands that are much more respectful to both people involved in the process and how the source fabrics are made.

The gorgeous beaut black Vegan trainers from Pozu

As a result of this there’s been a massive upswing to what is called Organic Cotton.

Now first things first, this does not make the fabric or process sustainable. Unfortunately this crop is an intensive water guzzler and it is both possible and likely that the non-organic crop has greater water efficiency.

However that being said moving towards organic usually also involves much more transparency on the process, the people and the chemicals involved.

So we’ve created a list of out favourite brands who focus if not exclusively adopt a more ethical approach so you can feel that inner glow of looking and feeling great and know it didn’t help totally destroy the planet in the process

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People Tree

People Tree use products produced to produce their collection of women’s organic cotton underwear women’s wear without harmful synthetic chemicals or additives and are grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment to reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilisers, and build biologically diverse agriculture.

They use Third-party certification organisations such as GOTS, verify that producers use only approved methods and materials throughout production.

women's organic cotton underwear women's wear


Organic. Fair Trade. So Soft. We are designed for humankind, creating head-to-toe basics that empower every kind of person to unleash what’s underneath.

Pact Ethical Underwear


From the World’s Cleanest Denim Factory. Transparent pricing. Ethical factories. Exceptional quality. Types: A-Grade Cashmere, Luxe Alpaca, Soft Cotton, Italian Merino, Luxe Wool.

India's No nasties has an iconic ethical jumper dress
Everlane Ethical Underwear

Azura Bay

Azura Bay carries a curated collection of ethical, eco, organic, & fair trade lingerie, swim, & loungewear brands and have ethical standards to produce their women’s organic cotton underwear collection

Azura Bay ethical lingerie


Be fiercely and unapologetically you. Browse our collections of bras, ethical underwear & loungewear made for all genders, bodies & styles.

TomboyX’s use Oeko-tex 100 certified—a international standard for non-toxic fabrics.

TomboyX ethical underwear


Women’s cotton underwear and bras, made in USA. Minimalist lingerie and undergarments, produced by brand Brook There.

Brook There Ethical underwear
women’s organic cotton underwear women’s wear

Organic Basics

Long-lasting sustainable basics in the softest organic cotton. Conscious everyday essentials made from soft, natural and renewable fibers.

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Organic Basics eco-friendly underwear

So here’s your new go to list for the best ethical women’s organic cotton underwear women’s wear

Floripawear Ethical underwear lingerie

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